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World's largest iPod!


"Why spend $13 on a CD when you could build a wildly complicated mega machine to digitize records?"

Amen, brother.

Mister Jalopy of Hoopty Rides explains: "Inside that $15 Farnsworth radio cabinet is a Sansui tuner, a replacement Panasonic turntable, a Griffin AirShark, an 8 port USB hub, a cheap-o LCD panel, a Griffin iMic, a Griffin Powermate, a Logitech wireless keyboard transmitter, a power strip, a Griffin AirClick, a Sony bookshelf speaker, a Mac Mini and enough patch cables to encircle the world 7 times."

Complete details on how he built this monster music maker will be in the next issue of Make Magazine, in case you needed another reason to subscribe.

Mister Jalopy... will you marry me?

[via Boing Boing]


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