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HDTV's scariest 10 celebrities

Kevin C. Tofel

This is a few months old, but the concept is great! Back in April a list of the 10 scariest celebrities in HD was compiled. Since HD shows every line, wrinkle and imperfection, you get a whole new appreciation for the make-up areas that hide these usually invisible attributes.

Here's the list from April:

1. Tommy Lee Jones
2. Mary Tyler Moore
3. Burt Reynolds (is he even on TV these days?)
4. Cher
5. Keith Richards (heck, he's scary on SDTV!)
6. Joan Rivers
7. Edward James Olmos
8. Faye Dunaway
9. Steven Tyler (see Keith Richards comment above)
10. Peter Jackson (what do you expect from a Hobbit?)

Andy DickThere you have it. Since this list is a little old, what do you say we add to it or create or own? Nominate your scariest HD celebrity in our comments! I cast the first vote for Andy Dick on ABC's "Less Than Perfect".


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