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HP settles hidden partition suit

Marc Perton

hpIf you're the owner of an HP PC purchased over the past few years, you may just be in line for a free Windows XP recovery CD, based on the settlement of a class-action lawsuit brought against HP over, of all things, hidden recovery partitions and missing Windows XP directories. The main allegations in the case, which was settled without HP admitting any wrongdoing, were that HP included undisclosed recovery partitions on PC hard drives, and didn't include the "ValueAdd" and "Support" folders that are included on standalone copies of XP. To be honest, we're still shaking our heads over this one; OEM copies of software are often different from retail copies, and HP certainly isn't the only PC company that has stuffed a hard drive with extraneous files, hidden partition or no. Somehow, we think that with all that's going on at HP lately, it was just easier for them to settle this and send out a bunch of CDs than to let it drag on.

[Thanks, Adam]

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