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SIGGRAPH coverage at FlashInsider

Kevin C. Tofel

The SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles is finishing up tomorrow, but you don't have to miss a thing. One of our sister blogs, FlashInsider, is on the scene and is blogging the event. This conference is based on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, so some of the digital and HD programming techniques of the future will be impacted by the exhibits at SIGGRAPH today.

One of the most interesting posts so far looks to be coverage of the keynote address by George Lucas. David Robinson, our man on the floor, shares some intuitive insights gleaned from "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...." Sorry, every time I see or hear the words "George Lucas", I think back to the opening sequence of the original Star Wars movie I saw as a child. Anyway: check out all of the SIGGRAPH info we have at FlashInsider!


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