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Making sweet music with an NES controller

Ross Miller

NES controller smallRemember when you discovered you could bend notes on your ocarina in Legend of Zelda?  When I found out I spent many hours trying to make Link play rock songs (Crazy Train, for instance).  Better yet, did you see the Elektroplankton presentation from E3?  Ever played Frequency?  For anyone who can answer yes or is just a gamer in love with music, we've got a special surprise for you.  Recyclism, which appears to be someone very creative with a lot of time on his hands, has put together a musical instrument comprised of 6 NES controllers hooked up to a midi sequencer.  Essentially, it's a party box/jam session.  If you go to the projects page on on their main site, you can view the system and watch the Res (it's name for the instrument) in action.  Very cool, indeed.

[via PixelSumo - check it out for lots of cool finds]

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