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The HTC Galaxy GPS-enabled Pocket PC

Peter Rojas

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HTC Galaxy

PDA France dug up some details about the HTC Galaxy, a new GPS-enabled Pocket PC from HTC (their first, in fact) that looks to be about the same size as the HTC Magician and that runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and has a 300MHz processor, 64MB of Flash ROM, 32MB of RAM, a 2.8-inch, 320 x 240 pixel LCD screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, and an SDIO expansion card slot. Odd to see HTC pumping out something which isn't also a cellphone, but they've probably figured out from their Taiwanese brothers-in-ODM that there's actually some decent money in dedicated GPS handhelds. Won't be out until around the end of year.

UPDATE: Ok, this might actually be a Pocket PC Phone, but there's no mention of what networks it's compatible with.

[Via the::unwired]

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