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Latest cheapo pocket camcorder: Aiptek/Evergreen DN-HDDV8000 for $170

Marc Perton

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aiptek evergreen dn-hddv8000

We've seen a few of these cheap digital camcorders from the likes of Aiptek and Mustek before, but the DN-HDDV8000 (from Aiptek, being marketed in Japan by Evergreen) may be the first one to include a CF slot instead of an SD. That means you can store its cruddy 11fps video on a microdrive, giving you enough space to record about 10 years' worth of grainy, low-res flicks. Look, we can get the appeal of the mini-camcorder look. But seriously, if you want a pocket camcorder and don't want to spring for an Everio, why not just pick up a compact digicam? After all, most recent models have full 30fps VGA video, and you can actually get decent still pics as well. That's more than you'll ever get out of this thing. Selling now for ¥18,858 ($170).

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