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i.Tech Clip S Bluetooth stereo earbuds reviewed

Marc Perton

bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth stereo headsets aren't quite a mainstream product yet, but they're getting there, and here's one sure sign: the i.Tech Clip S is a set of Bluetooth stereo earbuds. We typically turn up our nose (not to mention our ears) at the very mention of earbuds, but according to PocketNow's review, these are actually worth considering. For one thing, they work for both music and talk, with autoswitching between the two, include a USB dongle for non-Bluetooth devices, and offer a "full rich sound" when used for music. Pricing info is a little sketchy, but it looks like this will go for about £40 ($71) in the U.K. According to PocketNow, it should be available in the U.S. shortly.

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