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Will Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD affect your HDTV purchases?

Kevin C. Tofel

So you want to buy a new HDTV, or perhaps you recently bought one. Which inputs does your set have? Does your set have HDMI? Does it have DVI? Better yet, does it have both? Most importantly, why do you care? If you don't plan on playing one of the new high-def DVD formats, you might not care. Then again, did you spend two mortgage payments on a television just to watch what's on cable? I doubt it.

DVI offers quality digital video and provides copy-protection, but no audio. Toshiba recently announced that high-definition content from all of their HD-DVD players will only be available through HDMI outputs. The players may include a DVI output, but instead high-def quality, all you'll see from your HD-DVD player on your HDTV is the same old DVD picture you see today.

Has the industry forgotten the definition of the word "standard?" I'm personally out of luck because my largest HDTV is four years old and doesn't even have DVI outs. I don't have a problem with that; it's the folks that have purchased expensive sets within the last one to two years when DVI was the "future" that concerns me. What are your thoughts and plans regarding DVI and HDMI outputs?

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