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Lik-Sang getting sued by Sony for selling PSPs in UK

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sony PSP

Even after we've had the damned things in the US and Japan nigh on three quarters of a year now, Sony's continued dragging their feet with their European release of the PlayStation Portable, pushing it back again and again. So of course someone's going to step up and distribute the things where demand is high and the market is devoid—and it makes perfect sense that it would be a firm like Lik-Sang, which operates under Hong Kong's lax free trade laws. But leave it to the good old boys at Sony to sue LS in an attempt to shut that biz down on selling or offering PSPs on a number of bogus accounts, such as copyright infringement and damages for mirroring the PSP manual (which is openly available on their site), and for advertising the device in a "dishonest manner." Funny, we just checked Sony's PSP manual site, and nowhere do they claim it's not fair use to mirror their document so long as copyright isn't denied (furthermore, LS took down their mirror and link in June when Sony requested they do so), nor does LS's PSP product page have anything remotely dubious listed. So exactly how you gonna prosecute these guys, Sony?

[Thanks, SoDesu]

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