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Ruckus music subscription program fails to cause excitement at American University


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A number of colleges and universities have been flirting with the idea of providing music subscription services to students as part of their cost of study, and almost none of them have garnered much enthusiasm. In the latest trial, American University students were given a free trial of Ruckus, a movie and music downloading program. A full half of them didn't even bother to try it, and a third of those surveyed said it should definitely not be offered in the coming academic year. Many complained about the lack of Mac support, and were concerned about instituting a mandatory music subscription fee as part of their tuition when clearly not everyone would be interested or able to use the service. Not sure if this quite sank in to the administration at AU, whose response to the survey results has been to look into the possibility of switching to Napster as an alternative to Ruckus.

[Via Techdirt]

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