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Fifa '06 previewed

Steve Parsons

Despite being a Winning Eleven/Pro Evo junkie, and largely despising EA, the FIFA series, whenfifa 2005 they've got it right, has had it's flashes of being fun. Sadly, EA quite often screw the pooch and release a dire version of the worlds favourite sport.

Winning Eleven 9 recently appeared in Japan, so obviously a new FIFA title isn't far behind. The choice of Ronaldinho and Rooney for the cover is deeply amusing. Not exactly going for the good looking guys. In fact Rooney often looks like he's been punched awake.

It's also funny to see it said that PC fans have "enjoyed" Total Club Manager. Certainly no fans I come across have. There is only one king of the soccer management world, and it's ain't from EA.

Regardless, you can expect the usual tweaks and fluff from EA to be added to their yearly soccer game. Read on so IGN can give you the scoop on what to expect.

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