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Blu-ray getting a leg up on HD-DVD?

Blu-ray + HD DVD

As the Blu-ray versus HD-DVD saga continues, Blu-ray may be showing signs of taking at least a slight lead. HD-DVD proponents have been counting on getting a head start this holiday season with a launch six months or more in advance of Blu-ray, but several studios have now announced plans to scale back their holiday releases in the format. Paramount pictures has cancelled all of their holiday releases (though not backing out of the format altogether, apparently), and NBC Universal has scaled their release docket back 25 percent. Plus, two new additions in the security department give Blu-ray at least the appearance of greater security: BD+ adds a dynamic encryption scheme which allows changing encryption midstream should it be cracked, and ROM-Mark prevents counterfeiting of watermarked discs. It's too early to start an HD-DVD deathwatch or anything, but it does look like the edge they were hoping to gain this holiday season won't have nearly the impact they've been hoping for.

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