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Garmin Rino 530 combines two-way radio, GPS, weather tools

Marc Perton
garmin rino 530

If you're off trekking through the wilderness (or just the local oversized water park), two pieces of gear that could really help you out are a two-way radio and a GPS unit. So, why hasn't anyone combined the two? In fact, Garmin has with its Rino series, which now includes the Rino 530, a version that adds an electronic compass, barometric altimeter, and NOAA weather receiver. The radio has a 12-mile range and the GPS includes a color TFT display so you can get like, really freaking lost. You can also use the GPS unit to locate other Rino-toting cohorts, which could make those group outings a lot less stressful. Of course, all this outdoorsy goodness comes at a price; the 530 has an MSRP of $535.70. A similar model, the 520 ditches the compass, weather and related functions, and comes in at $482.13.

[Thanks, Dave]

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