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iTunes is offended by POTUS podcast?


Our pal John Neff from Autoblog noticed something amusing. We thought we'd share.

"Have you seen that the president's weekly radio address is a podcast? It's currently in the top 100 at 91 and the funny part is that it's labeled explicit. I subscribed to it and learned the explicit rating comes from a radio address on the "holy union between a man and a woman", so he must have been speaking about marriage, which certainly is a dirty word to some people :)"

Yes, John... and now that we've drawn attention to the "dirty parts," it's sure to hit the top 10 before the day is over :) It's up to 90 already!

Now before you all email me to point out that the podcast in question is actually a parody, let me say this... I KNOW THAT! For what it's worth, though, the POTUS really is podcasting. You can subscribe to the real one here.


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