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Long Range Acoustic Devices get the message out -- loud

Marc Perton

lradThink of this one as the ultimate iPod accessory — if you want to turn your iPod into a weapon, that is. If you need to subdue a crowd in a hurry, you need a Super Sonic Blaster. These giant Long Range Acoustic Systems (LRADs) are popular with urban police departments and American soldiers in Iraq alike, who use them to broadcast messages up to a mile away, or blast ear-splitting sounds at close range. The latest, recently tested by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, can put out over 100,000 watts with a sensitivity of 50 Hz to about 20,000 Hz. Needless to say we want one of these to pump out the sounds at the next Engadget backyard bash, even if only to see what happens when we blast Peter's "yeahs" at this volume (and, of course, to see whether the cops even dare to try to cite us).

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