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New Plasma series from Pioneer

Kevin C. Tofel

Funny thing about HDTV manufacturers; as soon as one announces new products, the others aren't far behind. Following yesterday's new Samsung line news, Pioneer says they have a new line too. The 6th generation Pioneer PureVision Plasmas are hitting the store shelves in September.

The PDP-5060HD and PDP-4360HD will set you back around $6,000 for the 50-inch model and $4,500 for the 43-inch model. Both sets have some advanced features including Pioneer's Advanced PureCinema II, which is known as 3:3 pulldown. TV-Guide-on-Screen with eight days of programming and multiple HDMI inputs add to the expected standard features.

No additional details or specifications are available on Pioneer's site as of yet. They claim that their new Crystal Emissive Layer and PureDrive II circuitry bring improved contrast ratios and better black levels, so we'll have to wait and see. All of the big trademarks sound impressive enough, but it's the picture that matters.


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