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We'll always have Paris... or will we?


Apple unveiled the iMac G5 at Apple Expo in Paris last summer. The Powerbooks were introduced there in 2003. In other words, there's a history of Apple announcing super-cool hardware at the Apple Expo. This has many speculating about what this year's Paris Expo (Sept. 20-24) has in store for Apple fans.

Steve Jobs is expected to give the keynote at the Palais des Congres on the morning of September 20, and we know from experience that Steve doesn't get out of bed too early in the morning for just anything. Still, Apple won't officially confirm or deny Steve's flight plans for that week.

So what, if anything, do you think will be unveiled? Will we get a 2.0GHz G4 Powerbook as a fond farewell to the PowerPC line? Or a Powerbook G5? Maybe a renamed portable lineup (Gigabook has a nice ring to it)? A color-screened iPod mini? A higher capacity iPod shuffle? Will the Power Mac G5 finally hit or break the 3.0GHz barrier? A new Mighty Keyboard to match the Mighty Mouse? A pony? C'mon... everyone loves ponies!

Your guess is as good as ours... so start your predictions below.

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