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Build your own Mac for $199US


While this may not be the first time we've seen a homebrewed x86 Mac, it just may be the cheapest. This post at the OSx86 project website lists exactly the parts used to create a functioning Mactel:

  1. Case - $9.95
  2. Motherboard - $52.99
  3. Processor - $60.77
  4. 2x 256 RAM - $38.00
  5. 20 Gigabyte HD - $25.95
  6. DVD Drive - $12.00
  7. Grand total: $199.66US
Ok, so this machine won't be winning any design or speed awards, but I think this falls more under the "because I can" category than anything else. If you need more information than just a hardware shopping list, check out this very detailed tutorial.

The whole idea is interesting, and I'm sure it's inevitable that we'll see more and more basement solutions as time goes on, but I've still got to agree with C.K. on this: while this may be a fun weekend project, I'm still content to have OS X running beautifully on Apple hardware.

[Via Make:Blog]


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