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Mac as telephone: I don't get it


The telephone and Macintosh are slowly starting to merge. Applications like The Gizmo Project and Skype make it possible for me to conduct a "phone call" with my Mac, and I've yet to see the point. I've used Gizmo, and while I admit it was sort of fun, sitting there tethered to a headset was hardly convenient. I know there are wireless headsets available, but finding and purchasing one I like and letting others know what my "online phone number" is seems like way too much hassle for something I'm already set up to do with my existing telephone. Plus, I then must convince my contacts to download and set up one of those applications themselves. It's just not going to happen. Today I came across Jon's Phone Tool (JPT), which at least eliminates the headset, but still doesn't push me over the edge.

JPT will let me use a Bluetooth-capable cell phone to make a call via Vonage, CallVantage, Skype and many others. There's also an integrated search for finding contact numbers on your Mac. If this is your sort of thing, check it out. I, however, will be sticking with the good, old fashioned telephone.

So, what's your preference: Cell, landline or IP?

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