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Transfer video to your TiVo

Ryan Block, @ryan
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Well would you look at that—all those busy hands at work over at Tivo have produced yet another ehhh-kinda-useful feature. If yours is one of the TiVo boxes out there with the 7.2 software you can use TiVo Desktop v2.2 or later to move MPEG-2 encoded video files to (as in, not from) your TiVo box. Truly fun for all you home movie buffs out there who'd rather just transfer the stuff over WiFi to your box than play it back from your camcorder edited, or dump it via FireWire (if your TiVo has that), but is anyone else curious to know whether TiVo DRMs your own content when you try and get it back from the box?

[Via NoDRM]

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