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Burwen Bobcat promises to turn digital sound into "better than analog" quality

Burwen Bobcat

Here's the deal with Burwen Bobcat: it's sold as a combination software and hardware DAC package, and promises to convert sound from digital sources such as CDs, DVDs and MP3s into an audio stream that sounds "equal to or better than analog and SACD." Sounds like a neat trick. The digital audio converter connects to your Windows XP machine via USB, takes the digital audio signal from your computer and generates what is reportedly a very high quality analog signal via an RCA connection to your stereo amplifier. The software part of the equation supposedly removes the "digitalness" of the audio stream, and the Daniel Hertz DAC takes the resulting bitstream and converts it to analog with a "warm, open, natural sonic quality that music lovers want." The reviews on the resulting sound quality? Well, they're mixed. And truly, we're a bit skeptical. Do we even know what "better than analog" is supposed to sound like?

[Thanks, Luca]

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