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Room to room HDTV with HomePlug AV

Kevin C. Tofel

HomePlug AV, a new networking protocol, was just approved and appears to be on the way in 2006. The new protocol is designed to use existing power lines in your home as a media connector for streaming audio and video at 200 Megabits per second. Say it with me people: ZIPPY!

At that speed, you can shoot multiple HD signals around your home so you're not tethered to one room. Of course, to take advantage of that you'll need multiple HDTV sets, but Christmas is coming, right?

HomePlug AV will require converter boxes to modify your data streams into compatible waveforms and there is some concern around power spike impacts. I can see it now: your Keg-o-rater kicks on right before the final play of the Super Bowl and you lose the signal.


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