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Logitech unveils wireless audio systems for PCs, portables

Marc Perton

logitech wireless music

Just when we thought that all wireless audio enhancements were going Bluetooth, Logitech has thrown us a curve with a series of peripherals that use what the company calls Logitech Music Anywhere wireless technology (which is some brand of RF, though we don't know the frequency). Logitech's Wireless Headphones for PC work with a USB dongle, and include an integrated playback control that works with iTunes, WinAmp and other audio programs. The Wireless Music System for PC is a similar setup, which substitues a stereo hookup and IR remote for the headphones. Finally, the Wireless Music System for iPod (which works with any audio player, but capitalizes on the name of the market leader) matches a headphone-port transmitter with the stereo-system receiver and remote. Logitech claims that the two pieces are "paired at manufacturing," which we assume is their way of saying that they QA them to make sure that the frequency lock is consistent, stable and relatively impervious to interference from other devices.

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