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Nascar Total Team Control

Steve Parsons

Jeff GordonNASCAR has its primary fan base in the south, as anyone who has paid any attention to the sport knows. Now certain things don't play well down there. Like fancy pants drivers from California.

Knowing that makes the decision to place Jeff Gordon as the prominent face on the cover of EA's new NASCAR game more than a little surprising. Put a guy who, from what I've been told, is universally hated down south, on the front. Great move. Sure, they've got Jimmie Johnson on there as well, but the connection continues, since last I remember, Jimmie drives a car owned by… Yep, Jeff Gordon.

Stick Junior on the cover: gold. Hell, even Tony Stewart, despite being despised by some, would have made more sense, but Gordon? Mind boggling. Maybe next year they'll shove Jimmie Spencer on the cover, just to make amends.

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