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The latest chapter in next generation DVDs

Matt Burns

Just like we said back on August 17, the controversy between Blu-Ray and HD DVDs is going to stay around till one hits the shelves.  This time it looks like it might be over though as the negotiations fell through between Sony with the Blu-Ray camp and Toshiba with their HD DVDs. Both companies were trying to unify their formats as a benefit to both them and us consumers, but time ran out before production of the new products had to be started.  

Well folks, it looks like we might have two large capacities DVD formats on our hands. With Toshiba aiming to have a HD DVD player out by years end and Sony putting Blu-Ray in its PS3, slated to be release in early 2006, it doesn’t look good. Things may change and you can trust we are keeping a close eye on it here at HD Beat.  


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