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New Gun trailer

Steve Parsons

We've had a look at Gun before. The game, as stated in the earlier post, was hyped to the hills atGun (the neversoft game, to prevent folk searching for the term and finding this) E3. Now Activision have graced us with another trailer, this time focusing on the games story.

No spoilers here. I know some folk will want to approach the game clean without knowing the story details, and I'm not about to wreck that for them, but as game stories go, it's pretty good. Plus it's a western, a genre which gets ignored in gaming, which is a real shame. It's one thing to wander into a room with a BFG. It's another to know the six shooter in your hand is all you have. Neversoft are at the helm of Gun, a company best known for the Tony Hawk series. One thing is for sure. Those boys know how to make a good game.

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