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Rise of Legends

Steve Parsons

Recently, while surveying the shelves of my local purveyor of both fine and crappy video games, I happened upon the Rise of Nations, Gold Edition. I remember playing the unexpanded version when it came out, and thought it was good. In fact having gotten the game and expansion in a box, I would go as far as to utter the word "classic" in regards to it, with possibly a question mark at the end if I actually cared what other people think.

You can't keep a dead horse down (or something), and thus, like the rising of the sun, there is a sequel in the works. Well, sort of. They don't seem to be going the obvious RON2 route. Big Huge Games have a site up for the game, Rise of Legends, where you can check out the inevitable eye candy, and download the video of their E3 demo, and generally get all excited and bouncy.

Can lightning strike twice, and give Big Huge two classics with the word Rise in the title?

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