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The Bards Tale reviewed

Steve Parsons

Don't you just hate it when a classic name is appropriated, only to be sullied by a grossly inferiorOld skool bards tale product? Take The Italian Job (1969). A movie about a gold heist in, you guessed it, Italy. A classic film in every respect. Compare The Italian Job (2004), which completely misses the point, has very little to do with Italy, and the main action takes place in America. Classic title, pillaged to sell mediocre action flick.

Sadly, the game industry is not against digging up the dead and rifling through their pockets either. The Bards Tale, to those of a certain age, was a classic RPG. Many hours spent battling the forces of evil, with pretty pitiful graphics backing it up. Now, just like Infogrames violated the dead and chose Atari as their moniker in an attempt to cash in on my generation's nostalgia (what do you think we are? Stupid?), the original Bards Tale has been sullied by a mediocre third person adventure whose only saving grace is the fact that Cary Elwes (of Princess Bride fame) voices the main character.

Console users have already suffered. Now it's the turn of PC owners. Enjoy.

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