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Wolf Claw Type II keyboard reviewed

Marc Perton

wolf claw type ii

We thought Logitech's new G15 gaming keyboard was pretty slick, but according to ExtremeTech, the one to beat is the Wolf Claw Type II, from Singapore's PD Scientific, which adds a set of dedicated gaming keys on the left, sacrificing some function keys and the numeric keyboard in the process. If you're using this for anything but gaming, you might find that frustrating — though if you're used to a laptop keyboard, it'll seem pretty familiar. The dedicated gaming section includes no less than 40 keys, most customized for FPS gamers. ExtremeTech found that the Wolf Claw worked well for both gaming and productivity apps, calling it "the best gaming keyboard we've come across that is just plain and simple, quick and painless, and easy to use." Not bad for $50.

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