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Panasonic debuts four new plasma TVs

Matt Burns

It's time for Panasonic to join the crowd of introducing new TVs this week and boy did they crash the party. They just dropped on us that they will be adding 4 new TVs to their Viera line that will include...a 65-inch 1080p panel! The new sets will feature a 4000:1 contrast ratio and the standard array of inputs which includes only one HDMI. As previously mentioned, it is going to compete directly with Sharp's 65-inch LCD.

These additions would make, in our eyes, the most complete line up of plasmas on the market. When these four new sets are added in November, it will make a total of 9 TVs in their Viera series. The consumer can choose anything from a 37-inch all the way up through the replacement of the best selling plasma on the market, TH42PD50U, and now a 1080p 65-inch set.  It's no wonder that Panasonic is the best selling plasma; they have the best selection!


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