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Panasonic PDP undercuts price of Sharp LCD by 5 grand

Kevin C. Tofel

We mentioned the new Panasonic Viera PDP yesterday but just found out some interesting pricing info. I4U either read or translated the Japanese press release on the 65-inch set and reported that the initial price will be around $9,000. It's a big chunk-o-change for sure, but bear in mind that this is over five feet of 1080p resolution with a 4000:1 contrast level.

By comparison, Sharp's plans for a 65-inch LCD will set you back $5,000 more than the comparable Panasonic plasma. Before you start crying about the prices, these sets often are listed at very high figures which quickly tumble. Either way, Panasonic has built in huge pricing advantage on a comparable set. Like we keep saying, let the manufacturers keep duking it out; we don't mind.


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