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LG Electronics plans to rule the PDP world

Kevin C. Tofel

LG has their eye on the prize: domination of the plasma television market. Currently, LG is the PDP leader in 17 countries. Their goal for 2005 is to become the market leader in an additional 13 countries, which would bring the total up to 30. Geez, this is starting to remind me of all-nighters playing "Risk" in college!

It wasn't that long ago that Toshiba decided to drop all plasma development in favor of SED technologies. Samsung is working on slimmed down CRT sets and focuses more on DLP-powered televisions. In three to five years, will see a difference in the dominant HDTV display technology? Is LG placing too much focus on PDP sets and not enough on their current DLP lines? I would hate to be the market leader only to find out that it isn't the right market to lead.


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