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We Love Katamari coming to America... with bad box art!

Dan Choi

Puzzle game may seem like a strange genre to squeeze junk-rolling oddball Katamari Damacy into, but I guess that's the closest approximation to categorizing the most lovable (yet darkly foreboding) game I've played. Well, the sequel, We Love Katamari, is finally making it to American shores next month, and I'm sure you're joining me in holding your breath until the day it's released, too. The only thing I'm not waiting for is the currently planned U.S. box art. One word: UGH! Compared to the original's surreal Western packaging (or the serene version of the Japanese CD soundtrack), this version actually cries out for some focus-group testing (on an almost original Xbox-controller level). Compare this with even the sequel's Japanese (or even Korean) covers in this preview from early August (see the actual art planned there), and I think you'll agree that something's amiss with Namco's American marketing team. People are angry, and they aren't gonna take it anymore! Considering all the speaking engagements Katamari's creator has had since the release of the original, it's hard for me to believe this relative artistic stinker made it through the publisher's approval process. Personally, this illustration belongs on the back of the game case, not the front. Can anyone throw together an insert mod for me?

[UPDATE: Hopefully, you didn't mistake the joke image I found online and included with my post above with the genuine article that can be found below. Just in case you didn't take the time to examine it, the joke image reads: "We Boycott Katamari.") If you missed it in my post, take a look at the officially planned, but still atrocious image ripped from GameFly below, and feel your raw hate begin to rise to new heights (don't say we didn't warn you):]

[via gewgaw]

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