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Samsung Sense X1 "thumb width" notebook


Samsung X1

Samsung is dropping a new ultra-thin laptop on us in its Sense X1, a notebook only 23mm thick (billed as "thumb width") and weighing in at about 3.5 pounds. It's doing a 14-inch WSXGA screen, 128MB ATI X300 graphics card, 512MB DDR2 RAM, 80GB hard drive, and powered by a Pentium M753 1.2 GHz chip. It's also got a waterproof keyboard that slips down to the front edge of the notebook in what Samsung calls the "SuperRelax" mode. The machine has been built with an eye towards multimedia, and packs in some impressive acronyms for graphics and sound in the DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine) and DNSe (Digital Natural Sound engine), so we'll have to keep an eye out for a review that will translate marketing speak to reality. Last but certainly not least, the X1 is promising 13.5 hours of battery life which sounds like a friggin' miracle, and we're hoping something didn't just get lost in the translation from German.

[Thanks, Jens]

Samsung X1

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