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Cameraphones spur sales of digicams

Marc Perton

cameraphoneIf you're so happy with your cameraphone that you've decided not to get a separate digital camera, it turns out you're in the minority (not surprising, given the fantabulous image quality you get from most camphones). According to a new study from research firm IDC, cameraphones are actually encouraging consumers to pick up standalone digicams, with 30% of those surveyed saying they're going to buy a digicam because their camphones turned them on to digital photography. IDC also found that 7.5 billion pics will be snapped from camphones this year, compared to 40 billion from digicams. Of course, this may change if any of the 5+ megapixel camphones ever make their way to the U.S. But, for now at least, the big boys of digital photography have nothing to fear from the anonymous chip vendors powering most camphones.

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