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Laundry list of Xbox360 features

David Touve

Xbox 360 imageIts time for me to step out of the closet and reveal something I have been holding back.  I don't get the whole '360' thing.  I don't understand it.  If its an allusion to some metaphysical nature of the circle, a metaphor to some game dynamic, a skateboard trick from the late 70's, somebody please tell me.  I was fine with Xbox 2, or Xbox II or Xbox Next.  Even if those weren't really that creative, I didn't mind.  But I can't figure out what the 360 is all about.

On a more interesting note, the folks at EuroGamer spoke to the general manager of Microsoft's Game Developer Group,  Chris Satchell about a wealth of features apparently now set for the Xbox 740, er 360.  The list includes description of the "smart" ring of light around the power button (is that what the 360 is about?), the (fingers crossed) resiliance of the hard drive to removal during access, and the lack of necessity to possess a remote control in order to watch a DVD.  The list is long, some things you probably know, some things you might not. 

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