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Blaupunkt's Lucca portable car GPS unit

Blaupunkt Lucca

Blaupunkt showed off their Lucca portable car GPS unit at the IFA show in Berlin today, the audio-centric company's first such unit. The Lucca will come in two different models, a £370 version that apparantly attaches to your windshield, and slightly pricier £430 Smart Cradle edition that's wired straight to your car's speakers. Both versions will play music and display photos in addition to giving you voice directions. Maps are stored on SD cards, so we presume that's what you use for MP3s and pics as well. Both units should be on sale in the UK by mid-October. Also on display at Blankpunkt booth was a concept Bluetooth iPod dock that the company says will be available in 2007, which will let you control your iPod using the Lucca's touchscreen display.

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