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SnaZio Porta-Cinema plays anything on your TV


Snazio Porta-Cinema

SnaZio puts out a range of these Porta-Cinema devices designed to take multiple forms of media on different formats and play them all back to your TV (or monitor) without needing a computer intermediary. The flagship model consists of a cradle with VGA/SVHS/compositve video outputs, and on the input side it's doing flash media slots (SD, CF, others depending on model/configuration) and a slot that takes 2.5-inch laptop drives housed in custom enclosures, allowing them to be inserted sort of like NES cartridges. Load up the hard drive or flash media with almost anything you can throw at it — DivX, MPEG, MP3, JPG, etc. — and the Porta-Cinema will play back the media to TV. Cost for the unit itself is about $150 if you want all the flash media slots, less if you don't need 'em.

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