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iPod Schmipod and Bizarro iPod


I know there's a big iPod announcement looming. Will it be a video iPod? Flash-based mini's with color screens? Self-rising, FM-tuning, double-barreled, Xbox360-compatible, media machines? Whatever. Not everyone thinks the iPod is the neatest thing since buttered toast. I got tired of perusing the billion or so pages on the internet speculating about the "next amazing iPod" announcement, so I found a crazy little blog post called iPod Schmipod. The author, Zoe, recalls days gone by where people listened to vinyl records in a social environment. Personally, I remember listening to vinyl records with headphones on as well. Big, heavy, noise-cancelling ones.

Still, Zoe has put together a cool playlist (of vinyl) for you retro iPod haters. So my prediction number one is that every new iPod will now come with (gasp) music! One preloaded playlist from Zoe's catalog. Jean Luc Ponty and Bob Dylan? Lady, you are weird, but I like it. What better way to grab that last 2% of MP3-loathing, vinyl-loving, hippy wackos out there who still haven't been affected by Steve's aura?

And for my prediction number two, I call upon the tea leaves that are Engadget's September sixes of the past (I know the announcement is the seventh). What do you get when you see your iPod in the mirror? A Podi. Well, last September 6 Engadget ran a piece about a 4 GB music player called the Podi, from THD. It does look like a Bizarro world iPod, doesn't it? Pity it doesn't play video. Still, it's an omen. Heed the words of the great web archive!

In totally unrelated news, if you're wanting to buy Apple, Cingular, or Motorola stock, do it soon.


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