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10,000 375 tunes in your pocket

Ryan Block, @ryan
iPod not full

Would you believe it if we told you a market research group polled 1,062 owners of portable audio devices and found that on average each person was only carrying around 375 songs in their pocket? Granted, the study found that half the users polled were carrying devices only capable of playing 100 or fewer songs (i.e. <512MB capacities)—but the interesting bit was that the iPod users polled only had 504 songs loaded onto their players on average, compared to the 246 songs of non-iPod owners. Without needlessly getting too much into the iPod shuffle's market penetration and all that, we think it sounds like they either caught a group of early sub-10GB iPod users, or some particularly lazy lazies who didn't feel like making the most of that capacity. Or maybe they're just rocking to some serious 25-minute heavy psych jams, guess we'll never know. [Warning, PDF link]

[Via TechDirt]

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