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Sony and Peyton Manning teach you about HDTVs

Matt Burns

Well Peyton Manning may not be as sexy as Britney Spears with Pepsi (ok, used to be sexy) but I think that I would trust the mans man to tell me about TVs a tad bit more then Mrs. Federline. Sony has put together a slick looking flash site dedicated to selling educating the masses about HDTV.  Note: not the different type of HDTVs, just LCD 'cause that's all Sony sells.

I feel obligated to inform you not to trust the model numbers that you will receive from their buying guide.  I went through the steps to see what type of HDTV would work in my lifestyle.  They suggested in the $1,000 to $3,000 price range to snag up the KDF-E50A22 for $2,499.  Now, let me tell you that according to me and Google, this TV does not exist. The picture that they provide is a older Sony 32" LCD circa 2004. Sony does have a KDF-E50A10 that would fit the requirements and price, so I guess that is what they were referring too.

Sony is running a contest until December 31 called "Race to the End Zone Fan." The winners of this contest do not win a Sony TV, or anything to do with TVs, but rather a gift backpack full of football must haves.

In all reality though, free is still free.


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