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.Mac services down Monday evening

David Chartier

Looks like all .Mac services are going to be down for four hours this evening, from 7 pm till 11 pm PST. Does this get anyone else's gears turning? I'm not usually one to help churn up rumors, but with 10.4.3 being recently seeded to developers, as well as iChat and .Mac upgrade speculation flying around, I can't help but get at least a little fired up. I mean: how often is it that all services are taken down? Usually it's one or the other, and rarely (at least in my two years of experience) is email actually down, let alone for 4 hours.

Hopefully, this is an answer to at least some of the complaints and feature requests from .Mac members everywhere. Just in case it isn't though: you don't get to yell at me, for I am just a fellow Mac geek, hoping for the best.


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