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Daytek adds a 40-inch LCD in Canada

Kevin C. Tofel

Ok, no built in tuner, but this new Daytek LCD arrived in Canada just in time for the NHL season. in high-def. The 40-inch set supports a display res of 1366 x 786 and will downconvert a 1080i signal to 720p. Brightness isn't bad at 500 cd/m² and the unit has a contrast ratio of 800:1. The Daytek offering also supports DVI-HDCP.

The new 40-inch set will run the Canucks about thirty-one hundred bucks. Hey, it's not often that we get a rhyme here! That price equates to around $2,650 here in the U.S., which isn't a bad price for flat-panel of this size. Hmm....can we fit one of these in a suitcase? Oh and for those don't speak "Canadian", Daytek means Daewoo. Yup, Daytek's parent is none other than Daewoo International Corp.


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