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NES Bluetooth Handset with working buttons

Evan Blass
Bluetooth NES controller

As dedicated environmentalists, we are big proponents of recycling, which is the main reason we give so much love to modded game controllers that would otherwise be left to rot in a Jersey landfill. The lastest now-it's-a-controller-now-it's-something-else device we've come across is the NES Bluetooth Handset, with the speaker and mic built directly into the D-pad and A button, respectively. It would have been sweet enough had he just stuffed a Bluetooth headset into a hollowed-out controller, but Kamalot went the extra mile and actually made the A, B, and Start buttons work to pick up calls and adjust the volume. Because this mod is so wild, we won't even mention the fact that you'll look like a total moron holding an old yellowish controller up to your face.

[Thanks, Eran]

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