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Sony throws down new Vaio TX feather-weight notebook


Sony Vaio TX

Sony announced the impending arrival of a new TX series notebook line (what was announced in Japan as a major reworking of their T series), packing a whole lotta portable goodness into a 2.8 pound, less than 1 inch thin carbon fiber chassis. Like the VGN-T350, it comes with integrated EDGE courtesy of Cingular, and Sony's SmartWi system toggles between WAN, LAN and Bluetooth to cover the rest of your wireless bases. Beyond that it's got a 11.1-inch WXGA widescreen LCD, DVD+R/RW double layer drive, FireWire (or IEEE 1394, if you're a stickler about such things), USB 2.0, Memory Stick Pro and SD slots, and should pump out between 4 to 7.5 hours of battery life. The Vaio TX rolls out this month, but only in charcoal and without integrated WWAN for $2,250; next month WWAN models in a full array of colors can be had starting at $2,300.

Sony Vaio TX side view

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