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Nokia crosses one-billion mark

Marc Perton
nokia 1100

Remember those contests Apple held to mark various iTunes download milestones? In the most recent version, the customer who bought the half-billionth song got 10 iPods, 10,000 free songs and tickets to see Coldplay. So, what did Nokia's billionth customer get for buying a Nokia 1100 phone for about $60? Not even a mention by name in the company's press release touting the purchase (hey, at least he got one of the company's cheapest, most basic phones). According to Nokia, the company sold its billionth phone to a customer in Nigeria, one of the 2 billion cellphone users worldwide, we hear. (And no, that doesn't give them a 50% market share.) But Nokia does hope to have as many as 3 billion customers by 2010; maybe by then the company will be ready to throw a bone to the customer who helps them cross the next threshold.

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