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NTSB recommends cellphone ban for teen drivers

Evan Blass
cellphone car crash

So once again, Big Government is trying to step all over our right to endanger ourselves and others while barreling down the highway. First they forced us to wear uncomfortable seat belts, then our horns turned into tiny steering wheel buttons due to airbag requirements, and now they have the nerve to encroach upon our First Amendment right of free speech with laws limiting in-car cellphone usage. The National Transportation Safety Board, not content with killing our joyriding buzz with their many safety recommendations, has now suggested that federal legislators impose a ban on teenagers (well, all novice drivers really) chatting on their phones while driving. This new anti-teenage legislation is part of NTSB's "Most Wanted Safety Recommendations to States" list, which might as well be called the "Suggested Ways of Making Your Commute Even More Boring and Tedious" list. If this law does in fact go into effect there may be that familiar sense of I-told-you-so when accident rates actually go up, as teenagers segue into the much more dangerous activity of texting at 70 MPH.

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