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Sony, Samsung show off advancements in LCD technology


While the future of LCD panels may be in LED's, Sony and Samsung think the existing CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology still has plenty of life in it. Samsung is showing off their "color reviving" CCFL which uses a different fluorescent substance to get LCD's much closer to 100% NTSC color range (92% as opposed to the 72% provided by earlier LCD's), without resorting to the more expensive LED or OLED backlights.

No word if this is the same Wide Color Gamut-CCFL featured in Sony's soon to arrive Bravia line of LCD TV's, however, although Sony is partnering with Samsung on the LCD front. Either way, higher quality + lower costs is always a good thing, and it is no surprise Samsung is also announcing an increase in their shipment forecast of LCD's by 2 million panels.


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