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Track your life with Onlife


Remember that snazzy tool Active Timer? Onlife is like Active Timer on steroids. Let me tell you, it is totally freaky. Created by a former MIT Media Lab student, Onlife is currently in Beta and free as in beer. So what does it DO?

It records (almost) everything you do, say, create, or see in six default apps: Safari, iTunes, TextEdit, iChat, Mail, and Firefox. By "record" I mean just that. It collects (and can tag) your conversations in iChat, your email in Mail, websites you visit, and puts the song info into a database, not unlike Spotlight. However, you also have this nifty graph to see everything, and what you did when. To top it all off, this works in 10.3, which means you holdouts sans Spotlight can get a taste of the power we Tigers take for granted...

It's an interesting concept, though not entirely perfect (hey, it's a beta). Dynamic pages requiring logins don't show up properly, at least in Firefox. In the site screenshots I see NetNewsWire, though there's no support in the app? Apparently the developer is crafting plug-ins, ala QuickSilver, so you may be able to hook in to more apps in the future. Keep an eye on this one...


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